Zzyzx Quartet – «Hell’s Gate» by David Maslanka

Live Performance of David Maslanka’s «Hell’s Gate» for Alto, Tenor and Baritone Saxophones and Wind Ensemble.

«This piece is something of a soul journey, the soul being represented by the trio of saxophones, and especially the solo alto saxophone. The soul is plunged willy-nilly into the fierce struggle of life. It survives, and responds with a deeply mournful struggling and yearning attitude. With this attitude come first visions of the religious nature of the human being and first hints of wholeness. The soul is driven to the extremes of it’s ability to endure until the middle of this there is a memory of the early vision of wholeness. The soul responds in agony, and then bursts into full and passionate awareness of it’s own nature… the work ends with the soul – the alto saxophone – transformed.» – David Maslanka

Stephen Page, alto saxophone
Stacy Wilson, tenor saxophone
Matt Evans, baritone saxophone

Arizona State University Wind Ensemble
Gary Hill, Conductor

Zzyzx Quartet:
Stacy Wilson, soprano saxophone
Stephen Page, alto saxophone
Matt Evans, tenor saxophone
Dana Booher, baritone saxophone


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