WSCXVI STRASBOURG SAXOPHONE ENSEMBLE Valse des becs by Emmanuel Séjourne and Philippe Geiss

Strasbourg Saxophone Ensemble
(12:30, Friday 13 July, Buchanan Theatre)
Philippe Geiss — Conductor; Leo Stern — Sopranino Philippe Koerper — Soprano 1
Olivier Duverger — Soprano 2; Laure Fischer — Alto 1; Théophile Gross — Alto 2
Jean-Thomas Fonné — Alto 3; Jean-Yves Bender — Tenor 1
Marie Esposito (+ Opt. Maxime Luck) — Tenor 2; Baptiste Schnebelen — Tenor 3
Olivier Saenger — Baritone 1; Shizuka Ikeda — Baritone 2; Ludivine Schaal — Bass
This ensemble is an essential element of the Strasbourg saxophone landscape. Former and current students from the Strasbourg Conservatory and Conservatoire Superior, and members of the ‘Sax&Co’ association share their passion for the 12 saxophones ensemble sound. Performing more and more concerts, these young musicians are used to exploring the ensemble repertoire from classical transcriptions to world premieres in collaboration with contemporary avant-garde and ‘crossover’ style composers. Internationally regarded, the Strasbourg conservatory is now associated to the first French superior university for the arts which offers bachelor & master programmes in music & visual arts education.
Based in Strasbourg, ‘Sax&Co’ is a very active saxophone association who organise each year a major festival ‘Les Rencontres du Saxophone’ and regulary commission new pieces for saxophone from many composers.
Philippe Geiss is professor at the Strasbourg Conservatory and the Alsace Superior University for the Arts and ‘Sax&Co’ artistic director. An internationally regarded saxophonist and widely performed composer, he is one of the first musicians from the French saxophone school who has built his own ‘crossover’ style between classical and improvised music.

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