?Siam Saxophone Quartet with soloist Shyen Lee
Shyen Lee — alto saxophone solo
Supat Hanpatanachai — soprano saxophone
Promwut Sudtakoo — alto saxophone
Wisuwat Pruksavanich — tenor saxophone
Anond Fuangfoo — baritone saxophone
Robert Lemay — Ligne(s) médiane(s) pour quatuor de saxophones
James Ogburn — Gliese 581g for Soloist and Saxophone Quartet

Siam Saxophone Quartet with soloist Shyen Lee
(14:30, Friday 13 July, Buchanan Theatre)
Shyen Lee — Alto saxophone solo
Supat Hanpatanachai — Soprano Saxophone; Promwut Sudtakoo — Alto Saxophone
Wisuwat Pruksavanich — Tenor Saxophone; Anond Fuangfoo — Baritone Saxophone
Siam Saxophone Quartet (SSQ) performs saxophone repertoire of various styles, from classical transcriptions to the 21st century. Moreover, this quartet, based at the College of Music, Mahidol University, represents the new generation of saxophone playing and has successfully established themselves as the new role model for saxophonists in Thailand. Siam Saxophone Quartet won the first prize of the Thailand International Wind Ensemble Competition, Small Wind Ensemble division, in 2008. They also won the top prizes several times in the Osaka International Music Competition. Since the group was formed it has become more and more active in the professional world, travelling to the United States, Canada, Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Slovenia, Japan, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. Siam Saxophone Quartet has attended masterclasses hosted by Jean Marie-Londeix, Claude Delange, Dr.Chien-Kwan Lin, Shyen Lee, Shuichi Komiyama, Jean-Pierre Baraglioli, Dr. William Street, Keiji Munesada, Dr. Richard Dirlam, Dr. Eugene Rousseau, Roger Greenbergs, Dr. Eric Nestler, Federico Mondelci and Jean-Yves Fourmeau.
Shyen Lee is a saxophonist from Taiwan, who dedicates himself in pioneering toward the development of pedagogy, promoting traditional and modern repertoire and various forms for saxophone performance. He currently serves as the professor of saxophone in the College of Music, Mahidol University, Thailand as well as a member of World Saxophone Congress International Saxophone Committee. Also he was the organizer and Artistic Director of World Saxophone Congress XV, and the Jean-Marie Londeix International Saxophone Competitions in 2008 and 2011.

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