WSCXVI RICO TIME LARS MLEKUSCH The Angel of Dispair by Hiroyuki Itoh

(16.30, Saturday 14th July, The Byre Theatre)
Rico Time will feature up-and-coming saxophonists from around the world performing music about which they are passionate. Each musician will bring individual interests to the event, the emphasis of which is contemporary music.
Rico Time at St. Andrews will conclude with the world premiere performance of the newly commissioned ensemble work eight panels by renowned British composer James Saunders.
Ellipsos Saxophone Quartet
Le Bal by Thierry Escaich
Duo Hevans
Eleri Ann Evans — tenor saxophone & Henri Bok — bass clarinet
Lévy Flights by Chris Dench (World Premiere)
Clement Himbert and Sylvain Rifflet
Double by Himbert/Rifflet
Lars Mlekusch
The Angel of Despair II by Hiroyuki Itoh
Joonatan Rautiola
Tracce for alto saxophone by Luca Francesconi
Zzyzx Saxophone Quartet
New work by John Mackey (World Premiere)
Philippe Braquart; Eleri Ann Evans; Jean-Denis Michat
Lars Mlekusch; Henrique Portovedo; Joonatan Rautiola
Javier Valerio; Stacy Wilson
eight panels by James Saunders (World Premieré)
“eight panels is a sequence of dense multiphonics chords, each with one common pitch. It draws on my interest in monochrome painting, particularly that of Marcia Hafif, and the way that an apparent single colour comprises a depth of richly layered tones and paint textures. eight panels was commissioned by Rico for the 2012 World Saxophone Congress.” James Saunders, 2012

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