WSCXVI LARS MLEKUSCH DUO SAXOPHONIC The Inner Voice of the Saxophone by L Mlekusch & F Bogner

Duo Saxophonic
(13:00, Saturday 14 July, Byre Theatre)
Lars Mlekusch — Saxophones; Florian Bogner — Electronics
Duo Saxophonic perform a wide range of different pieces and styles within contemporary classical music and also improvisation. The repertoire includes works from the beginning of live-electronics (e.g. by Karlheinz Stockhausen or Terry Riley) as well as works by living composers dedicated to Saxophonic. Amongst them Alex Buess (Switzerland), Karlheinz Essl (Austria), Germnán Toro-Pérez (Colombia/Austria), Junghae Lee (Korea/Switzerland), Jorge-Sánchez Chiong (Venezuela), André Meier (Switzerland), Periklis Liakakis (Greece/Austria). Saxophonic has played concerts and has given masterclasses in Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Slovenia, Thailand and in the USA (Illinois, Florida, Ohio, North Carolina, Michigan), including radio broadcasts, and continues its work together with composers and through improvisation to explore new musical paths and increase the repertoire for this highly interesting chamber music combination.

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