WSCXVI GREATER POLAND SAXOPHONE QUARTET Quatuor pour Saxophones by Alfred Desenclos

Greater Poland Saxophone Quartet
(14:00, Saturday 14 July, Buchanan Theatre)
Rafal Rachwal — Soprano Saxophone
Joanna Blejwas — Alto Saxophone
Paulina Wasylków — Tenor Saxophone
Marcin Najdek — Baritone Saxophone
The Greater Poland Saxophone Quartet has been founded on the initiative of students and graduates (now lecturers) of a saxophone class at the Academy of Music in Poznan. The quartet has played together since summer 2010. The musicians have been joined together by their passion and joy of discovering music. The quartet’s performances are characterised by their unusual care for sound quality and original productions, which gives each concert a special meaning and makes it truly unique. The quartet has played together in Poland and also other countries. They can be recognised by their display of youthful energy and excellent mutual cooperation.

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