WSCXVI FOUR Freer ör Edgier by Mark Watkins

Mark Watkins — Soprano and Alto Saxophones; C Raymond Smith — Alto Saxophone
Sandon Mayhew — Tenor Saxophone; Jon Gudmundson — Baritone Saxophone
“Could this be “Supersax” re-inventing themselves after entering the witness protection program?” “These cats are dazzling in every way!” … “Beautiful, intelligent, soulful, swinging and all done with the highest caliber of performance.” (Noah Peterson, KPSU Radio Portland), From the Gene Harris to the Villa Celimontana Jazz Festivals and locations around the world, FOUR is received exuberantly for their impeccable performances of music originating entirely from within the group (Walrus Music and Dorn Publications). About their second CD, On a Warm Summer’s Evenin’ (2010, Jazz Hang), Ed Calle (Miami Saxophone Quartet) comments, “Supported by rock-solid jazz and orchestra ensembles, On a Warm Summers Evening is a celebration of diverse musical styles by an inventive writer and FOUR outstanding saxophonists who are as equally at ease unselfishly serving the demands of an ensemble as they are navigating the rigors of solo duties. To all involved, thank you for the music and the artistry. Godspeed FOUR”.

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