Antonio Felipe-Cristina Gömez Duo
(15:30, Saturday 14 July, Byre Theatre)
Antonio Felipe-Belijar — Saxophone; Cristina Gömez — Dancer; Saul Mansilla — Piano
Antonio Felipe Belijar (Madrid 1978) began his musical studies at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Madrid when he was seven, concluding his career with the Honour Prize in Saxophone. He was awarded several prizes, including: First Prize and Special Prize at the 3rd International Competition for Young Soloists (up to the age of 25), in 1996; Second Prize at the 4th International Competition ‘Villa de San Juan'(age limit 30 years) moreover, obtaining Special Prize (for best saxophonist below 20) too; First Prize at the 1st Saxophone Competition ‘Villa de Benidorm’, celebrated in 1999; First Prize at the 14th Music Competition ‘Pacem in Terris’ (2001), in Bayreuth, Germany; Third Prize and Prix de la Province de Liegè at the 3rd International Competition Adolphe Sax (2002), celebrated in Dinant (Belgium); Second Prize at the 4th International Competition Adolphe Sax (2006), celebrated in Dinant (Belgium); First Prize at the 1st Yamaha International Competition for Saxophone Quartet with Octavia saxophone quartet; Second Prize at ‘Pedro Bote’ Chamber Music Competition (2009) with Octavia saxophone quartet; First Prize at ‘9th Mirabent I Magrans’ chamber music competition (2011) with Octavia saxophone quartet. Nowadays he is saxophone teacher at Alcalá de Henares Professional Conservatory and Francisco de Vitoria University (Madrid)
Cristina Gómez (Madrid, 1982) finished her studies of Spanish Dance at the Madrid Conservatory when she was only 17 years old, obtaining the Honour Prize. From 1999 she took part in the Compañía de Ballet Flamenco Antonio Canales, with whom she did tours in countries as Brazil and Japan. In 2001 she entered the Spanish National Ballet, becoming First Dancer in 2007 and Soloist in 2009.
They have made performances together for the last four years around Spain and at the Brithish Saxophone Congress (2011). Since last year Antonio Felipe-Cristina Gómez duo is working together with the great young Spanish pianist Saul Mansilla.

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