WSCXVI ANHIGA DUO Wyoming Palette by Jerry Chiwei Hui

Anhinga Duo
(10:00, Wednesday 11 July, St Leonards Auditorium)
Chris Dickhaus — Alto Saxophone; Jonathan Kuuskoski — Piano
The Anhinga Duo has been described as «…experimental but also highly engaging…[the Duo] traverses musical landscapes that are not braved every day. Taking elements from jazz, classical and a number of other genres, the instruments come together in a way that is technically impressive and emotionally resonant.» (Wilmington Star-News)
Formed in 2009 by friends, colleagues, and UNC-Greensboro Alumni Jonathan Kuuskoski (piano) and Chris Dickhaus (saxophone), the Duo is dedicated to bringing piano and saxophone music to new audiences through innovative and engaging programs. With a repertoire spanning three centuries, including an emphasis on new music, the Duo has performed in concerts throughout the United States, including guest artist recitals at University of North Texas, Cameron University, Southeastern Oklahoma State University, University of North Carolina — Wilmington, and at Frank Lloyd Wright-designed First Unitarian Society (Madison, WI).

Posted on 24 de agosto de 2012

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