Witch Hunt – saxophone quartet music

‘Witch Hunt’ for saxophone quartet composed by Ulrich Schultheiss Published by Saxtet Publications.
Witch Hunt is an episode from a film music project which the composer planned in 2000.
Played by members of The National Saxophone Choir.

Soprano – Sally MacTaggart
Alto – Tom Bruton
Tenor – Dominic Lawson
Baritone – Claire Tomsett

Sheet music (hardcopy and E-Edition) for ‘Witch Hunt’ quartet is available from Saxtet Publications http://www.saxtetpublications.com/catalogue/viewitem.php?id=165

Other versions: Sax Ensemble http://www.saxtetpublications.com/catalogue/viewitem.php?id=163
Sax Octet http://www.saxtetpublications.com/catalogue/viewitem.php?id=164
Sax & Piano (Eb or Bb) http://www.saxtetpublications.com/catalogue/viewitem.php?id=33

For more saxophone quartet music visit: http://www.saxtetpublications.com/catalogue/viewcat.php?id=4

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