Wilmington Alto vs King Super 20 with Musician Max Snyder

Musician Max Snyder stops by MusicMedic’s Sax ProShop compares a King Super 20 to The Wilmington Alto.

Downbeat Magazine says, «[The Wilmington Alto] Produce[s] a tone that’s rich in harmonic color, and it gives just enough resistance for professional & advancing players to work with. Toneholes are placed superbly, resulting in excellent intonation.»

The Wilmington Alto is an amazingly solid & well-made #sax that is not unbelievably expensive. Don’t be fooled by the reasonable price of this outstanding saxophone, it is made thoughtfully and solidly and under the watchful eye of the Sax #ProShop.

Click here to find out what the buzz is all about! https://bit.ly/2CUSnZh

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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