Webstore preview – 7th chords arpeggios – exercises and examples on Blue Bossa

In jazz music the arpeggio is of such importance that, when you play jazz music, you should be able to use this form in all thinkable ways.
I have made this lessons because I want to support you in your practise and knowledge in how you can use the 7th chord arpeggio.

The information in this lesson is consisting of exercises and solo transcriptions. These all lead to how you can train the 7th chords.
In the stepwise walkthrough I go through the exercises slowly and explain many facets you can add in your practise routine, making it easy to apply the 7th chords in your own practise.

I have also included solo transcriptions where I use the material of the exercises. In the transcriptions you can see and hear how you can apply the 7th chords patterns in a solo and how you can add this to your jazz vocabulary.

The music example I will use in this lesson is the well known original of Kenny Dorham “Blue Bossa”.

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Posted on 14 de diciembre de 2019

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