Warren Benson – Aeolian Song (Piano Accompaniment)

Warren Benson (1924 – 2005) was an American composer from Michigan who taught at Ithica College, the Eastman School of Music, and Southern Methodist University during his career. He is best known for his works for wind instruments and percussion.

The Aeolian Song is the second movement of his Concertino for alto saxophone and wind ensemble or orchestra, although it is frequently performed with piano as a standalone movement.

This piano accompaniment was created for practicing, score studying, and other educational settings.

Performance Tempo (Quarter Note = 48) without Metronome – 0:00
Performance Tempo (Quarter Note = 48) with Metronome – 4:26
Performance Tempo (Quarter Note = 40) without Metronome – 8:53
Performance Tempo (Quarter Note = 40) with Metronome – 14:10

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