video blog 16-9-12 Interview Ian

Interview with Ian Wilson for Ties Mellema’s video blog, 16-9-12

Ian tells about the Amstel Quartet’s performance today of his 2006 ‘Ghosts’ (premiered in Carnegie Hall 2007) and about upcoming projects with Ties Mellema.

a.o. a piece for saxophone and Boss RC300 looper: «MotherFunk!» This piece will be premiered in the The Hague club «Het Paard van Troje» in a concert with members of the Residentie Orchestra that Ties and the orchestra put together. (more info about the club gig: and more info about the concert the next day with the whole orchestra here:

TIes will play three piece by Ian Wilson in these two days. On Saturday 15 december he will play Ian Wilson’s saxophone concerto with the whole orchestra.

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