VandorenUSA Interviews: Sylvain Carton Talks with Andrew Hadro (Part 2)

Andrew Hadro (Vandoren NYC Studio) and Sylvain Carton (Vandoren LA Studio) get to know each other in this series. Learn about each Product Specialist, how they got their start and more in this Zoom interview. To skip to a specific topic, time suggestions are below:

2:30 – Andrew’s start and deciding to pursue music
3:44 – Talking Gerry Mulligan and other influential baritone sax players
5:50 – Favorite styles of music
7:43 – Playing multiple instruments
9:36 – Andrew’s love for the bass sax
10:22 – Performance highlights
13:00 – Strangest gig you’ve ever done
15:30 – Working for Vandoren
19:25 – Andrew’s interests: running, gadgets, and glass-blowing
23:20 – Favorite Vandoren wine

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Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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