VandorenUSA Interviews: David Gould and Michael Tran Interview (Part 1)

David Gould (Vandoren NYC Studio) and Michael Tran (Vandoren Chicago Studio) get to know each other in this series. Learn about each Product Specialist, how they got their start and more in this Zoom interview. To skip to a specific topic, time suggestions are below:

1:30 – Michael start in music
2:50 – David’s start in music
5:40 – Michael’s Masters in Business
8:05 – David on being adaptable in the music industry
10:16 – David’s schooling
11:08 – Michael discusses family support
12:47 – David’s life in France with David Weber and Jacques Lancelot
22:35 – European vs. American auditions

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Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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