Ultimate Ultra Light Precision Tip Tweezers

These light weight, precision tip tweezers make it incredibly convenient for holding, applying & removing materials. The fine tips allow you to work in tight spaces even on the smallest of instruments. Use these for applying materials, corks, felts, and Ultra Suede, as well as handling flute shims and set screws. Learn more & order the Ultra Light Precision Tip Tweezers today! https://bit.ly/3gHSJA7

Other products used in this video available here:
Flute Shims https://bit.ly/3huSj0k
Ultra Suede https://bit.ly/2FvU9Rw
Individual Sheets of Tech Cork https://bit.ly/32vjlki
Teflon https://bit.ly/32rb5l2
Felts. https://bit.ly/3huyrL0

#InstrumentRepair #NAMM #BestInShow

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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