This is What Safeway Does to Shoplifters in Arizona If They’re Mexicans

As I was entering the store, they had this guy on the ground and were pushing him around as if he had killed someone and I heard one Safeway employee say “Mexican bastard” while the guy was screaming “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” It appears he “stole” a $1.79 shampoo? In the meantime, a crowd gathered and people were saying “this is case of racial profiling.” It must have been because a week before, I was shopping and found a steak that I wanted to buy. I put it in my back pocket but forgot about it while I was checking out. When I was in the parking lot, I realized I didn’t pay for it, and went back to do so. Nobody stopped me.

This woman named Diane, who was a Safeway employee, tried to stop me from shooting, and ended up knocking me down. What was she trying to hide by stopping me from shooting this?

BTW: I posted this to Safeway’s Facebook page and it was deleted in five minutes.

Posted on 16 de enero de 2020

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