The Malevolent Marionette by Claire Tomsett-Rowe

The Malevolent Marionette by Claire Tomsett-Rowe. Somewhere in Vaudeville, in a lonely cupboard, a forgotten marionette comes to life. He dances his evil way through the theatre, playing tricks on all in his way, before returning to his hiding place. Was it a nightmare or real?

Sheet music available from Saxtet Publications in the following formats:
Saxophone Ensemble:

The Malevolent Marionette is scored for either 8 or 9 saxophones, with the following options:
Soprano Saxophone 1
Soprano Saxophone 2 (or Alto Saxophone 3)
Alto Saxophone 1
Alto Saxophone 2
Tenor Saxophone 1
Tenor Saxophone 2 (or Alto Saxophone 4)
Baritone Saxophone 1
Baritone Saxophone 2 (or Tenor Saxophone 3)
Bass Saxophone (optional)

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