The Hang – Night Bird Song – A Film About Thomas Chapin

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Through the documentary NIGHT BIRD SONG: THE THOMAS CHAPIN STORY, you will discover a never-been-told story straight out of the jazz history books about the short but remarkable life of Thomas Chapin, a creative musical force who emerged in the 1980’s in New York jazz scene, whose highly original style helped move the music forward in the 1990’s.

Admired for his exuberance as a multi-instrumentalist; once a musical director for the legendary Lionel Hampton; and one of the few artists of his generation to exist in both the worlds of the New York City’s downtown, experimentalist scene and the uptown scene of mainstream jazz, the saxophonist-flautist was just making his mark when his life was cut short. Chapin tragically died from leukemia in 1998 at age 40.

You will meet a passionate soul who lived like there was no tomorrow in tireless pursuit of doing what he loved. In the face of a childhood condition that left him aware every day that life was fragile, Thomas Chapin soared and gained altitude, living out his dream of making edgy, engaging, exhilarating music that pushed jazz forward.

Though he passed 15 years ago, his music lives on. And through the film, an unforgettable tale of love and passion, courage and boldness will unfold. NIGHT BIRD SONG is a tragic yet triumphant story of one artist who took the road less traveled, who faced its end much too soon when dreams still burned.

Before he passed, Thomas Chapin had come into his own: having realized his own signature sound, having released numerous important albums, having gained a reputation for many outstanding live performances, and he was on the cusp of wide-audience recognition when he died. Thomas Chapin continues to be highly regarded as an influential and inspirational force to those who knew him and to those who continue to discover him.

At his death, Chapin was called a virtuoso, “full of incredible energy, experimenting and pushing the envelope all of the time, never letting up.”

EMMY Award-winning documentary filmmaker Stephanie J. Castillo is making NIGHT BIRD SONG: THE THOMAS CHAPIN STORY to reveal to the world this important voice for jazz missed in the 21st century that continues to exhilarate and inform the music for generations to come.

Posted on 18 de enero de 2020

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