The End of Desire – teaser
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Ties Mellema plays: The End of Desire
Should the artist merely entertain or is there still room for experimental, passionate and genuine expression? Saxophonist Ties Mellema, along with Irish composer Ian Wilson, director Jos van Kan and artist Michiel Voet, is searching for an answer in The End of Desire.

A key event in the life of saxophonist Ties Mellema gave rise to The End of Desire: a few years ago Ties lost the ability to play saxophone with his right hand in an accident; but with patience and perseverance, and against all the odds, he regained his abilities. With The End of Desire Ties brings a highly personal tribute to the power of music.

Saxophones: Ties Mellema, Composition music: Ian Wilson, Soundscape i.c.w. Stephen McCourt, Director: Jos van Kan, Stage design: Michiel Voet, Video: Jos van Kan, Michiel Voet, Hendrik Walther, Costumes: Dorien de Jonge, Light design: Stefan Dijkman, Sound: Thomas Myrmel

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