The bebop scale – how to practice and use on dominant chords + 2x II V I

Bebop was invented by the great jazz heroes Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Thelonious Monk and probably many more.
The way jazz was played after this changed very much with this “new” sound.
One of the characteristics in the bebop sound is the chromatic approach.
A small part of the chromaticism is placed in the so-called bebop scale.
The Bebop scale is coming out of the Bebop tradition. It has a very characteristic sound which also defines one of the many jazz sounds.
In this video I will go through the way to play the dominant bebop scale and give you ways how to use the bebop scale in your own soloing.
I have made exercises which will enable you to directly apply this in your own practice and later you will be able to directly use the bebop scale in your improvisation.
I will at the end of the video give you two ready to use II-V-I licks using the Bebop scale on the dominant chord.
Great exercises and examples – coming up right now!
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00.00 Bebop was invented by the great jazz heroes
00:31 A part of the bebop language is the bebop scale
00:52 In this video – BEBOP SCALE!!!!!!!
01:29 Søren Ballegaard Saxophone Lessons
02:05 How, where and what – bebop scale
03:45 The functionality of the bebop scale
05:39 How to use and practice the bebop scale
06:14 Exercising the bebop scale
06:30 Playing the scale up
06:42 The second example – going up
06:58 The third example – going up
07:12 The fourth example – going up
07:34 Exercises going down the bebop scale
07:44 First exercise going down the scale
07:58 Second exercise going down the scale
08:16 Third exercise going down the scale
08:30 Fourth exercise going down the scale
08:45 Two bar exercises on the bebop scale
09:42 Two II-V-I licks coming up now
10:22 The first II-V-I lick
10:39 Explaining the lick
11:30 The second II-V-I lick
11:49 Explaining the lick
12:29 GREAT TIP!
13:06 Do you like this lesson – get the full transcription on my Patreon page

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Reeds are either rico jazz select 4 medium or Robertos Wind NY own brand 4 medium

Posted on 10 de abril de 2020

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