THE BALLAD OF JAMIE ALLAN – A Ballad Opera. Music by John Harle. Words by Tom Pickard

Video by Tom Pickard and Chris Sutciffe
Video and Photographic footage by Tom Pickard

1. The Gypsy Piper 00.00
2. Durham Gaol 03.17
3. Jamie’s Lament 04.45
4. Hey Up and Away 08.27
5. Cumcleugh Gyll 11.57
6. The Sound of Deep Waters 14.22
7. The Gypsy Piper (2) 18.01
8. The Sound of Deep Waters (2) 21.52
9. The Black Act 28.02
10. Away Boys Away 32.46
11. Ralph Saulsby Esq.38.43
12 Join the Army 41.04
13. Fetch the Man Away 44.58
14. Sir Walter Scott/A Low Sky 46.00
15. The River is Dark 47.57
16. The Hawthorn 52.50
17. The Ballad of Jamie Allan 01.00.50

Omar Ebrahim – Jamie Allan
Sarah Jane Morris – Annie
Bill Paterson – Narrator
Kathryn Tickell – Piper
The Northern Sinfonia
(Leader: Bradley Creswick)
Conducted by John Harle
Guitar: Neill MacColl
Keyboards: Steve Lodder

Directed by Simon Clugston and John Harle
Movement and Dance by Micha Bergese
Produced by The Sage Gateshead
and The Bauhaus Production Company

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