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Inspired, hands on learning. Learning by doing. Lessons, tutorials, how to’s which are directly applicaple to your playing today!
I am a professional saxophone player and educator. I would love to be able to help as many people I can to get a chance to play more music. Music connects us in so many more ways than any other medium in the world.
One of the ways I think I can contribute to connecting people in the world, is through music and what I am good in – inspiring and getting people together through music.
My music medium is saxophone and I am a big fan of jazz.

Why Patreon
On this Patreon page you can support me in my journey to connect more people through music and music teaching.
I would like to give something back to the ones supporting me, giving me great feedback, inspiration and comments. Patreon is a great way of giving back.
Through Patreon I am able to share my experiences on my musical journey. This be how I prepare my music, my practise, my videos and my performances. I also think this is valuable information for other muscians, how to do stuff, or inspiration in ways to play, practise or perform.

How I will use the Patreon support
I would love to keep developing my playing and with this, also my teaching videos.
To do this I want to free up more time to be able to make more free content for you to enjoy, learn from and inspire.
A big part of this musical journey is research. To find out how to make better videos needs lots of hours checking out filming-, sound- and software techniques.
Research on playing techniques and new themes for videos is an ever going process.
Hardware and software is important to be able to keep improvering the videos. I will be investing in camera, microphones, light, editing programs, cloudspace, website among others. There are many possibilities in improving and getting a better product out to all of you.

The different tiers I have made, makes you able to follow the journey more or less closely. You pay a monthly contribution. For this contribution I will upload unique content, only available to Patreon supporters.
The higher a tier you pick, the more unique content you get access to.

My Patreon page will hopefully also be a growing community where supporters can ask relevant question and get relevant answers about saxophone playing, technique, improvisation and jazz music.

I really hope you get a lot out of this Patreon page and I thank you greatly for reading and supporting me.

I am looking very much to see you and hear from you.

Play music and have fun!

Søren Ballegaard
Saxophone lessons by Søren Ballegaard

Posted on 23 de marzo de 2020

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