Sopranino Saxophone & Clarinet Choir – Partial Eclipse

Partial Eclipse by Nigel Wood. Featuring Frédéric Basquin as sopranino saxophone soloist. Accompanied by the Bournville (Virtual) Clarinet Choir. Partial Eclipse was originally commissioned by Equinox Saxophone Ensemble led by Alistair Parnell, for the unique combination of Electronic Wind Instrument/Aerophone & Sax Ensemble (see links below).
Nigel adapted the solo part for sopranino sax so Frédéric could create his own virtual video which he entered into the World Folk Vision 2020 Competition as came 11th place in the world popular vote final. This latest version merges Fred’s solo sopranino performance from his all saxes version, with a new clarinet choir arrangement with the BvCC.

Nigel Wood – Video/Musical production
Frédéric Basquin – Solo Sopranino Saxophone
Bournville (Virtual) Clarinet Choir:
Alison Kennedy – Eb Clarinet
Helen Clegg – Bb Clarinet
Maria Bogarra – Bb Clarinet
Karen Simpson – Bb Clarinet
Nathan Wilson – Bb Clarinet
Chloe Rogers – Bb Clarinet
Morag Clark – Bb Clarinet
Chris Elsom – Bb Clarinet
Michael Price – Bb Clarinet
Nicola Smith – Bb Clarinet
Katherine Bozic – Bb Clarinet
Lisa Laws – Bb Clarinet
Jane Allin – Bb Clarinet
Joolz Fawcett – Bb Clarinet
Sue Catchpole – Bb Bass Clarinet
Marion Pollock – Bb Bass Clarinet
Peter Fielding – Eb ContraAlto Clarinet
David Parkes – Bb Contra Clarinet/Eb Alto Clarinet

Bournville Clarinet Choir:

Frédéric Basquin:
Partial Eclipse on YouTube – sopranino sax & sax octet:
World Folk Vision:

Saxtet Publications:
Sheet music available for:
Saxophone Octet: EWI/Aerophone (or solo soprano, or sopranino sax) and sax octet.
Clarinet Choir: publishing pending

Alistair Parnell/Aerophone:
Equinox Saxophone Ensemble:

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