Solo transcription – Blue Bossa teaser

Solo transcription – Blue Bossa
– diatonic chord and scale solo
Solo transcription, analysis + music theory explanation

Get the full solo transcription here:

Solo transcription – Blue Bossa + music theory explanation

The intended way of use of this solo transcription practice manual is to show you how you can use many of the, in my videos, described solo methods on a real solo.
With the transcribed rounds of a real solo you can see the exact ways the methods are used on the tune giving you a realistic picture of how you can fit the methods described into your soloing.

Blue Bossa is a rather simple minor tune stretching over only 16 bars.
The chords are also rather easy to remember and play.
The melody is really sketching out the chords and the scales of the tune.
Mostly the tempo in which blue Bossa is played is a rather slow tempo.
All in all this makes Blue Bossa a really great starter tune to improvising when you are a beginning improviser.

In this Solo transcription I will run through the chords in a simple step analysis and go a bit into detail about the chord functions.
Here in particular how we get the V7 in minor.
And the chord progression moving a half step up.

The solo transcription consists of 5 rounds of solo on the 16 bar form of Blue Bossa.
In the first two rounds I am keeping to playing only chord notes.
The following two rounds I am adding scale runs to the chords.
The last round I am extending into 16th note runs together with the earlier components.

I provide a full solo method and idea analysis to the solo as the last part of this solo transcription practice manual.


Solo transcription – Blue Bossa + music theory explanation

Do you want to look into more music theory or the Blue Bossa progression you are welcome to check these video links:

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If you want to check diatonic arpeggios and scale material you can take a look at these videos:
The 8 most important chord patterns you need to know

This is how to connect the scales to the chords

More on Blue Bossa

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Posted on 8 de febrero de 2020

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