Saxophone Repair Topic: How To Put Shellac On Pads

Saxophone repairman Matt Stohrer of just can’t stop with all the talking in this newest one-take long-cut artisinal video handmade with local ingredients, wherein he talks about THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF INSTALLING A SAXOPHONE PAD, which is the application of the adhesive. Do this wrong, and your padwork will be difficult to do and probably have mediocre results. Do this right, and you too can be living the lavish lifestyle of a saxophone repairman!

This video is part of an article on saxophone pad installation at the Open Source Saxophone Project, which you can read here:

As always, there is more than one way to do this right- almost as many ways to do it right as there are to do it wrong, in fact, so this may or may not work for you and you might do it differently and get results that are just fine. This is just how I do it as of the time that I made this video.

How to make shellac sticks:

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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