Saxophone Key Adjusting Lever

These levers are designed to adjust the angle between key arms, key feet and compound keys on saxophone. They can be used in pairs or in conjunction with pliers or other key adjusting tools. The tip of the tools are sized to accept a wide variety of key arms and hinge tube sizes. More precise than bending by hand:

Bending key with pressure held perpendicular to the hinge rod helps to avoid distortion of the hinge tube and the binding of keys.
Precise adjustment of the key and arm angles without changing key cup orientation is easy.
Great for adjusting C and F# key to back bar relationships for setting stack timing.
Correct key geometry for custom materials on key feet and to open key heights for optimal instrument venting.
Adjustable durable nylon screw to allow for the change of the contact point where the lever hits. (Extra screws included)
Made of hardened tool steel with a rust-resistant finish for a lifetime of use. Large size lever has a wider key notch hinge tube cradles for secure bending. The small-sized lever has a slightly narrower slot and a thinner hinge tube supports that allow use where key arms are close to each other or spring cradles. Levers are frequently used in pairs to isolate key bending.

Set of Three Bending Levers Includes (2) Large bending levers and (1) Small bending lever.

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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