Sax ténor de Georges EN Après un rêve . Gabriel Fauré

Saxophones : Frédéric Couderc
Piano : Patrick Cabon
Commentaires : Bruno Kampmann

In the continuity of the DVD «Sax stories», I propose you a video series presenting other rare saxophones (even unique for some of them) and very particular.
The purpose of these videos is to discover these little marvels but not to give a recital.
The difficulty to play these instruments is due to their age, their ergonomy and their intonation problems…

With Patrick Cabon at the piano, these saxophones which have not been played for a long time, regain a second breath, testimony of a past rich in inventiveness and creativity.

I warmly thank Bruno Kampmann, a world specialist in wind instruments and who owns some of them, to deliver at the end of each video, the secrets of the history of these fabulous saxophones
(available both in French and English).

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