Sax Solo – The Deanna Bogart Band

Recorded July 25, 2010 at the Beaches International Jazz Festival. Down Beat magazine describes Deanna Bogart as “an extravagant entertainer”– and entertain is what Bogart does best. The Maryland-based blues and boogie pianist / saxophonist combines the energy of 1930’s style boogie piano blues with contemporary blues sounds emanating from places like New Orleans, Chicago and Memphis. “The goal when we play live,” says Bogart, “is to create a fusion of all these different musical styles with the blues and boogie genuinely at the core.”

The press is equally effusive. Cashbox called Bogart a “butt-kickin’ barrelhouse player that could give a good chase to old Jerry Lee.” Blues Revue gushed that “A big part of what makes Deanna Bogart such a delight is her vivacious, charismatic live show. Whether displaying dazzling technical skills at the keyboard or playing soulful tenor sax, the ensemble sound Bogart and her band is skintight.” The Washington Post raved about “her two-fisted turns on piano that radiate plenty of energy and momentum!” Music Monthly delights in Bogart’s ability “to blend savvy street smarts with an earthy sensuality that is spontaneous from the very minute her music jumps from the speakers.” The Baltimore Sun celebrates how Bogart “plays the keyboard and sings like nothing you’ve ever heard–but should! Her vocal style is as full of vitality as her piano playing–both are sexy and deep, with unstoppable strength and unflagging energy!”

Bogart began to develop her unique style as a sideplayer in Cowboy Jazz, a Maryland-based group that dedicated itself to the sound of 1940’s western swing music. She joined the group at age 21 as vocalist and spent several years learning and playing the cowboy rhythms that are central to western swing. As her musical appetite grew she spent nearly two years playing R&B with the Washington D.C.-based Root Boy Slim. Bogart combined these disparate influences in her own original compositions that blend elements of boogie music with modern jazz and rock. After getting her own band off the ground in 1988, she began playing throughout the mid-Atlantic region and the West Coast, slowly building a following and a reputation. After hundreds of live shows, Bogart made her recording debut in 1989.

video: Stephen Smith


Posted on 10 de septiembre de 2011

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