Sax Choir – Magic Flute Overture

Mozart’s Magic Flute Overture – National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain. This features the whole saxophone family from soprillo to contra. Musical Director/Arranger: Nigel Wood, Conductor: Richard Ingham
Excerpt from Track 1 of the NSC’s CD ‘SAX CIRCUS’
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The CD was reviewed in Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine Autumn 2010.

….an extraordinary range of material presumably from their public concert repertoire. For those who haven’t seen the choir, (I have and at the last RNCM Saxophone Day, they were absolutely stunning) there is a core contingent of three each of the soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones supplemented by one each soprillo, sopranino, bass, tubax, and contra-bass plus two percussionists.

….Performance standards on the CD are superb; faultless intonation, balance, tutti, soloists and ensemble work throughout. The recording quality is excellent and the entire project sets a gold standard for competence.

…..Roger May is the NSC’s Composer-in-Residence and his Simon’s Mangrove Groove is a masterpiece of writing for the group. Superb! Sax Circus, the title track, also by May, is a virtuoso comedic piece..

….Oblivion, a composition by Piazzolla and arranged by K. Veen is my favourite track although another Nigel Wood arrangement of Over the Rainbow, comes a close second.

An excellent production. Recommended.

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