Sanctuary of the Heart – Sax Choir

Sanctuary of the Heart by Albert W. Ketèlbey arr. Nigel Wood. Radio 3’s ‘Light Fantastic’ festival took place over the weekend of 24-27 June 2011 with the best of British light music.
Recorded by The National Saxophone Choir of Great Britain at BBC Manchester
New Broadcasting House. This was the last recording made in the studio before it was demolished in 2013.

soprillo – Nigel Wood
sopranino – Chris Jolly
soprano – Sally MacTaggart
soprano – Alison Dodd
soprano – Natalie Prestt
alto – Victoria Benjamin
alto – Tom Bruton
alto – Zoe Marklew
tenor – Dominic Lawson
tenor – Rebecca Hastie
tenor – Craig Harding
baritone – Jenny Ashley
baritone – Claire Tomsett
baritone – Dan Milverton
bass – Alison Bryant
contrabass – Deb Hutt
percussion – James Tranter
percussion – Harry Meridith

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