Ryo Noda “Mai” Alto saxophone David Hernando

Ryo Noda "Mai" Alto saxophone David Hernando

“Mai, The Battle of the Sea.” At twilight one night in Autumn, while the moon reflected its silver light on the surface of the waves, General Kyotsun plays his flute. Standing at the prow of the ship, he seizes his sword and cuts the plate which goes down to his feet and disappears into the sea. On his doorstep the phantom of the Samurai appeared. Facing him his wife asks him “Why did you go?” “To save my army” he replied, “because I knew the battle was lost in advance and I also saved the lives of my men and their families.” “And me,” she said. “Did you think about me!” Trancribed by Jean Leduc as recited by Ryo Noda. To the left of the title of the first page of music is a dedication – “To my wife.” Ryo Noda born in Amagasaki, Japan, in 1948, has been hailed throughout the Western hemisphere for his perfect control, powerful avant-garde improvisations and innovative playing techniques. While he is a leading exponent of new Japanese music for the saxophone, his repertoire also includes Western music of the baroque, classical, and romantic periods. Noda was graduated from the Osaka College of Music as a saxophonist. He pursued advanced music studies at Northwestern University (Illinois) under Fred L. Hemke and at the Bordeaux Conservatory (France) under Jean-Marie Londeix. He was twice awarded the Osaka City Art Festival Prize and, in 1986, won the Osaka Prefecture Gold Award; he also received the Grand Prix of the Yamaha Electone Festival in 1989. Noda’s work as a composer was recognized in 1973 when he was awarded the SACEM Composition Prize.

Posted on 4 de febrero de 2013

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