Rotunda – Equinox Sax Ensemble

Rotunda (excerpt) – composed by Nigel Wood. Second of three movements from the ‘Birmingham Suite’. The pieces (Paradise Circus, Rotunda, Bull Ring) are about various landmarks in Birmingham, UK. Performed at Huddersfield University Annual Saxophone Day led by Sarah Markham.
Equinox Saxophone Ensemble:
Nigel Wood (guest) – Soprillo Saxophone
Alistair Parnell – Soprano Saxophone
Nicola Pennill – Soprano Saxophone
Claire Tomsett-Rowe – Alto Saxophone
Keri Degg – Alto Saxophone
Cat Hanson – Tenor Saxophone
Lindsey Smith – Tenor Saxophone
Michelle Phillips – Baritone Saxophone
Deb Hutt – Baritone Saxophone
Alison Bryant – Bass Saxophone

Sheet music is available from Saxtet Publications in the following formats:
Saxophone Quartet:
Saxophone Quintet:
Saxophone Ensemble: publishing pending

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