Repairman’s Quick Overview: Vintage Woodwind Company New York Mouthpieces

Saxophone repairman Matt Stohrer of realizes about halfway through that his SD card is nearly full and finishes this edu-tainment-ical video about some very nice vintage mouthpieces made by the Woodwind Company New York (sometimes called Woodwind Co. New York or WWCo. NY) with about two seconds to spare on the memory card! So just imagine Mario music speeding up to add excitement.

Edit: Got some additional information from Paul Lindemeyer who says: “I would add that WW Co NY was founded in 1919 by French immigrant Eugène Bercioux, who had invented a mouthpiece facing machine. (US Patent number 1452953, seen on some mpcs, is for that machine.) The company was bought out by Leblanc in 1968.”

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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