Repairman’s Overview: Selmer Balanced Action Tenor & Alto Saxophone

Saxophone repairman Matt Stohrer of anticipates many more negative comments than usual but forges ahead anyways and does what he shoulda did already and gets down to business with a 24-minute long trainwreck of a repairman’s overview (nah actually its not that bad… right, guys? right?) of a sacred cow of saxophonia, the Selmer Balanced Action saxophone, made from 1935-1948 in France. Perhaps he is nervous, or maybe its just hard talking about something so many people already know about, but he gives it his best and there is even some genuinely interesting stuff scattered sparsely throughout, like the part where he shows the competing keywork of the Conn 6M and the previous Selmer model, the Radio Improved.

For more information on the Selmer Balanced Action see the following links:

And for a little bit on Henri Lefebvre-Selmer, the near-invisible patron Saint of modern saxophone design as we know it, see here:

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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