Repairman’s Overview: Leblanc Rationnel/Semi-Rationnel Alto Saxophone (not overhauled)

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

Saxophone repairman Matt Stohrer of goes out on a limb and talks about a horn that he has only seen four of in his entire life- but given that it is unlikely he will see many more, the philosophical maxim of «grip it and rip it» is applied.

Disclaimer: Take all this with a grain of salt. Information on these horns is hard to come by and often contradictory, and I am by no means an expert on these saxophones, though I have probably seen more than most- but not all- repairmen.

TONS of photos of this saxophone here:

Link to more info on the Leblanc Semi-Rationnel, which oddly enough is one of the other ones I have worked one (its easy to remember serial number 9):

Another link, mostly about the Leblanc System which is a derivative of the Rationnel:

A link about the Rationnel, Semi-Rationnel, and Leblanc System with LOTS of further links:

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