Repairman’s Overview: Conn Saxophone Microtuner, Unsoldered

*Be sure to read the description, I made some errors in this video*

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Saxophone repairman Matt “Better a mediocre video than no video” Stohrer of provides detail of a level that is possibly undesired in this companion piece to the 2013 smash hit “Repairman’s Overview: Assembly of the Conn Saxophone Microtuner” (which is viewable here: See what the Conn microtuner looks like when it has been (almost) totally unsoldered to its constituent parts, and learn how to safely solder it back together. And then I guess, well that’s really it I suppose.

**NOTE** In the video, I talk about how I fixed the leak on the tuner joint on this horn using dent balls, which I think is a good fix for a joint that is damaged and out of round like this one was (indeed you don’t have a lot of choice, and doing it inside the sleeve should put the taper back to as close as original as possible) but If the tube seems undamaged and straight and the leak is from plain old wear or just a poor fit from the factory, brass plating to build up the outer tube or the inner surface of the sleeve receiver is probably the way to go to eliminate the possibility of changing and otherwise perfect bore.

I also mess up at the end and say the 6M microtuner has the alignment tab/leaf on the top- most of the time that is correct, but in the transitional period there are a few with a single tab on the bottom.

Oh and at the end, I edited out a gigantic sneeze I had been resisting for at least a minute prior.

Not exactly my finest work, but since it will (hopefully) be a long time before I completely unsolder one of these, I will leave it up.

Stephen Howard’s excellent (and error-free, unlike this video) article on the Conn Microtuner:

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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