Repair shop visit number 3. Music and Arts repair facility Frederick Maryland! With

Today’s stop was the Music & Arts facility in Frederick, Maryland. Bob Frushour, who is a masterful technician, clinician, musician, and manager, took me around the impressive complex and he introduced me to his protege, Patrick Wiegan. The first place we visited was the corporate office, which in itself is quite a large building. The repair center and warehouse were down the road in a separate building. This clean, highly organized warehouse stored everything that Music & Arts sells in their stores in one area, and all of the instruments that are waiting to be repaired in the other half. The band instrument repair department was staffed with nearly 50 technicians. One thing that struck me was how much pride the technicians had in both their own work and their repair department’s ability to do such a high quantity of work. There were classrooms and training sessions so that each person could be continually honing their craft. I didn’t get a chance to take a video of their stringed instrument repair department, but it was equally impressive.

Another interesting aspect was their Parts Department. It’s huge with a large stock, but they can also search for parts in any Music & Arts store in the country if they need a specific part. Additionally, all of the parts instruments are broken down into their individual parts and stored.

The Music & Arts facility is run with efficiency, organization, and honesty and it was a pleasure to see the repair department in action. Thanks Bob and Patrick!

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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