Paganini Caprice no.24 on Baritone Saxophone

Baritone saxophone : Maxime Bazerque
Music video director : Etienne Vaillend

5 years ago, I played Paganini Caprice at the Halle aux grains in Toulouse. It was the beginning of a new life in the Conservatoire de Paris. Today, I’m finishing my studies at this school and I need to think about my artistic inspirations. This video marks the end of an era and the beginning of a new, with an artistic freedom.

It’s a contemporary vision of Paganini which is not inspired by violin version. I tried to keep the spirit of the work and the virtuosity of the original instrument, but on baritone saxophone. I want to prove that transcription is not a pale copy of a work but a different vision of it, with qualities and defaults. The essence of the piece remains the same but I revisit it with a modern take.

« New Vision Project » is a collaboration with Etienne Vaillend. Through a series of videos, it will try to depict a personal artistic vision. It will include works that have a strong link between one another for me. This project will also show a common vision between video and music. All the works make sense in my personal artistic life and research of an artistic way. It’s a way to discover yourself and understand your own vision of art, with a new vision which tries to break some traditional musical codes.

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Etienne Vaillend

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