Nick Zoulek Streaming… February 4th, 7pm CST

Is this how you do the whole streaming thing?TLDR: Streaming live on Facebook and Youtube (maybe Vimeo too), February 4th at 7pm CST.

Saxophone is home for me. But composition, videography, and audio engineering are all important aspects of my artistry. Those last two skills have been particularly useful throughout the pandemic. Over the past few months, I’ve leaned into that skillset both for my own projects and to help other musicians realize their digital goals. We learn from every experience, right? Now, after tons of testing, trial and error, and learning SO MUCH, I’m just so pumped to create some live stream show of my own, with all the multi-camera, multi-platform, high-quality-audio bells and whistles.

So on February 4th, we’re going live with Streaming…#1! Featuring compositions, videos, and digital premieres by Yusuf Lateef, Remy Le Boeuf, Amanda Schoofs, Evan Williams, and myself.

Hopefully (fingers crossed) this can become a regular, monthly thing. I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted to try this waaaay back in September. Unfortunately, health issues continued to get in the way, followed by tech issues, followed by general 2020 vibes, etc. It’s been a long burn, but I’m just so ready to share music with people!

February 4th at 7pm CST, hosted on Nick Zoulek, Saxophonist (FB),, and maybe Live from my apartment…not from the middle of an actual waterway.

Next up on March 10th, I’m bringing works from Rushing Past Willow and a peek at Enter Branch to Eighth Blackbird’s Chicago Artist Workshop. I’m particularly looking forward to this one, especially since it’s a chance to look at everything that has been going on with Enter Branch. You know, pre-pandemic, I was aiming to release Enter Branch by now. There were some lovely tour performances lined up, things were in the pipeline. It was looking good! Like so many other things, that whole vision fell apart abruptly. But you know, there has been a silver lining to that situation. Enter Branch had become a bit of a refuge. I’ve just continued pouring myself into that project, iterating and reiterating, learning, finding new depth. It’s been a source of growth (and quite frankly, sanity), and it continues to become more than I could have imagined.

So on March 10th, come check it out.

Posted on 8 de febrero de 2020

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