Neon Flicker – Takuma Itoh, performed by Kyle Mechmet & Dannel Espinoza

Performed on 3-11-16 at the North American Saxophone Alliance national conference in Lubbock, Texas at Texas Tech University.

Dannel Espinoza, Soprano Saxophone

Kyle Mechmet, Alto Saxophone

«The piece is full of short bursts of energy that – much like an old neon-lit sign that keeps stuttering on and off unpredictably – cannot seem to find a way to stay “on” for any extended period of time. The music tries to find its footing and gain momentum, but is usually thwarted before anything can be developed significantly. The frustration is eventually relieved when the music is allowed to blossom free of interruptions, but even that moment turns out to be fleeting, and the music eventually winds down to a stuttering halt.» – Takuma Itoh

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