repair shop visit 8 Roberto’s Music in NYC!!

My first stop in New York City was Roberto’s Winds. Roberto is an icon in our industry. He was around when some of the greats were getting their horns worked on, and they were getting their horns worked on by Roberto. All of today’s great players that go to New York also go to Roberto because his super stylish three story shop in right in the middle of Times Square is more than just a repair shop. There are lots of top of the line practice rooms and 4 rehearsal studios available for musicians to rent. He also has live streaming from one of the studios where he hosts performances by duos that you can check out through his website. We talked about his expansion, his direct involvement all parts of reed production, and his intimate involvement in the production of his saxophone line. In fact, Roberto and I talked about improving his soprano, so we will likely be seeing that in the Sax ProShop soon so we can help make it better than ever.

One extremely impressive area in Roberto’s Winds is whole room of just Mark VI’s and Super Balanced Actions, ranging from the well-loved through the highly collectable. One of the cool things about the Mark VI room is that Roberto knows how every single instrument in there plays, because he fixes all the horns himself. In fact, when I came in, Roberto was putting a neck cork on a neck, not sitting at a computer in an office. I’m reminded exactly how much Roberto loves his trade and I have so much respect for that. I gave Roberto a set of RooPad EXTREMES to try on one of his Mark VI’s and I look forward to hearing his feedback on them.

We talked about some other top secret stuff that I can’t share here, but just know that exciting things in the works and keep an eye on Roberto’s Winds.

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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