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Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

My second stop in Catonsville, Maryland was Bill’s Music to visit Lee Hirschmann. I met Lee around 6 years ago when he was a student at Red Wing. I sat down at his bench and broke his leak light, so I gave him a new one. He was still using that leak light at his shop but I gave him a new SuperNova leak light to continue the tradition.

Lee’s a younger guy, extremely motivated and ambitious, and a cool person to be around. He took a lot of time to give me a complete tour of Bill’s Music and also showed me the work he does.
Lee does lots of volunteer work for non-profits and schools and also does terrific professional level repairs. Lee used to go to Bill’s Music as a kid, started working there as a salesman, and then went to Red Wing to learn repair and returned to Bill’s as a repair technician.
We talked about Lee coming to visit and discussed the Sax ProShop week long Ubercourse. I hope to see you in Wilmington, NC soon Lee! Thanks for a great visit!

Stop in Bill’s Music at 743 Frederick Rd in Catonsville, MD or online at

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