Knipex Swedging Pliers

We wanted a plier of impeccable quality for our parallel swedging pliers. The Knipex plier with adjustable, parallel action jaws was the perfect choice. The smooth machined jaws and holes will hold keys firmly to allow for maximum control. The adjustable sliding jaws allows the technician to easily swedge a key on any of the holes in the plier, and the bottom jaw self aligns quickly and easily over the key. Unlike most key swedging pliers, the Knipex pliers have a massive amount of gripping power which will speed up the process of key swedging without overly marring keys. Technicians can squeeze the pliers to swedge and then re-position the key quickly to swedge in a new position. You do not need to twist a key in the jaws to swedge. Turning the key and re-positioning the key greatly reduces marring compared to twisting the key. The superior quality and function of these pliers are the reason they are the GO TO pliers at the key work station in our shop.

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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