and the Theo Wanne MANTRA meeting of the minds

Back in July, we were joined by Bryan Vance, of Theo Wanne, and Tim Price, a Theo Wanne featured endorsing artist, for a two day exploration of set-up on the Theo Wanne MANTRA tenor.

In the days leading up to their arrival, the Sax ProShop worked hard setting up and perfecting a horn especially for Tim. Tim has had a lot of input on the design of the MANTRA, and helped to make improvements to the horn’s tone and playability.

Tim was able to test and play his personal MANTRA which was set up to his specifications, Theo’s “sound concept” horn, the horn that the Sax ProShop had just set up, and MANTRA’s that have been set-up to standard specifications. Tim and the Sax ProShop are using the comparisons of the different horns to further improve the set-up and manufacturing process for the MANTRA.

All five specialists in the Sax ProShop, plus Bryan and Tim, focused on nothing but the MANTRA in this elaborate meeting of the minds. Check out the video for some behind-the-scenes of the meeting, as well as a chance to hear Tim play the new MANTRA.

Posted on 9 de octubre de 2020

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