Moonwalk – Sander Germanus

Sander Germanus – MOONWALK (2012/2013)
The music in MOONWALK describes a situation where the laws of physics as we know it on earth no longer apply. It is an imaginary walk on the moon where one can move in an almost hallucinatory manner. Strange things can happen during this stroll as can be heard in the six continuous parts of the composition. Three rhythmic parts and three harmonic parts alternate. At the end of the composition there is a repeating theme that is slowly fading away; the moonwalker is disappearing behind the hills of the moon, without looking back, totally obsessed by the lightness of his body. The disorientating effect of the low gravity on the moon is put to music by using harmonic progressions with quarter-tones. In the score there are black and red notes written – the red ones should be played a quarter-tone lower than the normal black notes, by using alternative keys on the saxophone.
MOONWALK was commissioned by the Amstel Quartet with financial support of the Performing Arts Fund Netherlands.

26 april 2015 @Podium Sessies [Amsterdam]

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