Mike Casey – Melody Poet – Jazz Video Guy Live 5/8/20

Mike Casey is a melody poet. The story-telling songwriter, producer, and sonic alchemist is a multi-talented force whose soul stirring saxophone sound and inventive use of phrasing reaches out with love and embraces your musical desires, one note at a time. We view videos from Mike’s new recording, Law of Attraction.

Bringing the joy of jazz across genre lines to a diverse young audience around the world, Mike’s music passed 5 million streams since his recording career began in 2017 (against all odds, without a record label or a team – an anomaly in the genre). On a mission to be a passionate vessel for “jazz” in the 21st century, his searing sound, always aiming to connect emotionally and tell a story, demands the attention of the listener. This is not your parent’s elevator music.

“I’m not interested in sizzle over substance,” he says. “Improvising, or as like to think of it, spontaneous composing, is not about displaying skill for ego’s sake. I aim to deliver each musical statement with power, honesty, and passion to connect with audiences.”

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