Mercury is in Retrograde – Jazz Video Guy LIve – June 29, 2020

When Mercury goes into retrograde, which happens three times a year for fifteen days, things get weird. n astrology, Mercury represents the dominating presence over communication of all kinds. That includes everything from speech and the written word to cognitive thought.

And because we as humans depend on our ability to communicate so we can navigate daily life, both in our own head and about the outside world with our family, colleagues, friends, and family, Mercury Retrograde is said to have a profound effect on virtually every aspect of our life.

In essence, Mercury Retrograde is said to lead communication-related events and actions to become rather “unstable”, resulting in all kinds of consequences such as difficulty communicating with colleagues and loved ones as effectively, not being able to think straight or organize your thoughts, and a sudden loss of focus.

Today, Bret Primack discusses the effect of Mercury in Retrograde for him right now, and plays some rare video from Jeremy Steig, Art Blakey, Tony Williams, Sonny Rollins, Charles Lloyd and Freddie Hubbard.

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