Maxim SHALYGIN IV. Ashes in Birth [ from ‘Todos los fuegos el fuego’ ]

Maxim Shalygin “Todos los fuegos el fuego”
part IV IV. Ashes in Birth

Composer & Conductor – Maxim Shalygin
Performers – Amstel Quartet & Keuris Quartet

Audio recording and editing by Wijnand de Groot & Dmitry Ganushevich
Video recording and editing by ConcertoMedia

Commissioner: Dag in de Branding and November music festivals with financial support of the Fonds Podiumkunsten & Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst

“Endlessly rising clusters, pulsing tone tapestries in a minimalistic cut, poetic-melodic intermezzi, and a quasi-orthodox hymn running aground in a quarter-tone yowl. Assisted by the phenomenally playing Keuris and Amstel Quartets, [Maxim Shalygin] moulded it all into a perfectly logical, resolute discourse: There’s no other way than this.”
— Joep Christenhusz, NRC (The Best Classical Music of 2019)

“Devastating. Breathtaking. […] The music was intense, shifting from understated beauty, dry rattling rhythms, and harsh, brutal sounds.”
— Brabants Dagblad

“Both ensembles are entirely top-notch and deeply synchronised with the impressive music in this superbly produced recording.”
— Dominy Clements, MusicWeb International

“In Shalygin’s ‘Todos’ he presented himself with the challenge of ‘answering’ or reacting to Cortázar’s poetry by exclusively musical means. I believe that he has fully succeeded in this and that the fantastic Keuris and Amstel Quartet, and last but not least recording engineer Brendon Heinst, have also gone along with it to the full.”
— Aart van der Wal, Opus Klassiek

“[…] everything is audible on this CD. For an hour and a half, [Shalygin] envelopes you in music that burns with extraordinary intensity and beauty.”
— René van Peer, Gonzo Circus

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